Press Release

Press Release

Today, Kosovo Judicial Institute (KJI) in cooperation with USAID Effective rule of law program (EROL) have inaugurated the Manual of Contested procedure and Criminal procedure for judges.

President of Basic court in Prizren Mr. Ymer Hoxha, and also Head of Kosovo Judicial Institute Board, emphasized that for the first in the history of judiciary are published Manuals that will affect the unification of practices for drafting the court rulings.

USAID Director Ms. Sara Buschanan, assessed its publication saying that the manuals present the best resource for case management in order to increase the confidentiality to the public, which is with special importance for Kosovo judiciary. 

Kosovo Judicial Council Chair Mr. Enver Peci thanked donors and authors for their dedication and work in drafting the Manuals, considering this as an important step in facilitating the judges’ work. The judiciary, in recent years, has gone through a profound reform in terms of legal and structural reform. Therefore, there is a newness in terms of criminal and contested procedures, which is necessary for practical work of judges to have such a Manual  that will serve them be orientated in application of new laws – cited Mr. Peci. 

Minister of Justice Mr. Kuçi said that the Manuals are good news for new judges and citizens, where their confidentiality in the field of judiciary will be increased. 

The Chief of State Prosecution Mr. Alexander Lumezi requested that such manuals be made for prosecutors as well with the purpose of implementation of legal acts.

The authors of Contested procedure Manual are: Muharrem Shala, judge at the Court of Appeal in Prishtina, Albert Zogaj, judge of Basic court in Prishtina, Valon Totaj, judge of Basic court in Prizren, Zenel Leku, judge of Basic court in Prishtina. 

Whereas, the authors of Criminal procedure Manual are: Bashkim Hyseni, President of Basic court in Ferizaj and Afrim Shala, judge of Basic court in Gjilan.