The 227th KJC meeting is held

The 227th KJC meeting is held

Prishtina, December 12, 2019 – Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC), held its 227th meeting, led by its Chair, Skender Çoçaj, where were discussed and approved the items as planned by the agenda.

The Council considered the request of the President of the Supreme Court of Kosovo, Enver Peci, for the announcement of three (3) positions for judges in the Supreme Court, one of which will be for the Serb community. Members of the Council approved the supplement of Administrative Instruction No. 01/2017 on the unification of court fees and adopted the Administrative Instruction on Unique and common rules for House rules in Courts.

In order to increase the efficiency of the courts in the resolving the cases, the Council adopted the proposal of applying the method of early review of cases and extended review of old cases in the courts of Kosovo. The notice of the KJCS Department of General Administration on the retirement of two (2) judges during December 2019 and two (2) judges during January 2020, whose term of office expires according to legal force. By the decision of the Council, shall be notified the President of the Republic of Kosovo.

During the meeting, it was adopted the Standard Operating Procedures Guide for the development and management of the content of the Kosovo judiciary website, which assists with the maintenance and sets out the criteria, roles and regular deadlines for maintenance of the content.

The Council appointed the members of the Assembly of Presidents and Supervisory Judges for 2020, the Supervisory Judges of the branches Lipjan, Viti, Dragash, Zubin Potok, Rahovec, Istog and Shtrpce. It was also discussed the issue of postponing court hearings, around which the Council in cooperation with the CMIS project will generate reports on the postponement of hearings for each court and each judge.

The Council decided to announce the call for applications for language professionals or experts to be members of the Committee on the Certification of Judicial Interpreters and Translators for the Albanian – Serbian and vice versa and Serbian – English and vice versa. Members of the Council approved the resignation of Nehat Idrizi from the position of a member of the Kosovo Judicial Council, for personal reasons and based on the Law on the Council. At the end of the meeting, as closed items on the agenda, were reviewed the Report of the Investigative Panel on the Facts and Evidence and the plea agreement reached in the disciplinary case No.AD/KJK/05/2019/JJA-ADJJA. no.09 / 2019 and the establishment of seven Investigative Panels.